I was born on the tropical island of Oahu Hawaii and now live in sunny Florida, one of the most beautiful wedding destination spots in the US with my husband, two beautiful children, and lots of fur babies. Everyone who knows me would agree I'm passionate about anything I love. I’ve been told I'm funny... Taco Tuesday is my favorite and, on most days, I jam out to music like Jack Johnson but on those other days it’s straight 90's rap. I love to free dive and fish... and basically anything saltwater related. 

Behind the Lens.

my photography story began....

at the age of sixteen and over the years I turned my small dream of being a photographer into a full-time business. 
Through that, I have had the opportunity to learn and work with incredible people and some of the industry’s Top wedding Pros. Helping couples feel confident and beautiful has made work not seem so work’ish. 

Husband Crush... after 15years I still find MYSELF crushing on him like it was 2007

No one can ever prepare you for the things you will learn while wedding planning. (LOL) After thirteen years, I know the worth of having those fun family moments, and also those special sweet moments that happened on my wedding day. I know how photographs will be looked back on for years to come and when they are carefully captured they can bring back the feelings from that day as if it was yesterday. 

They give me a greater purpose in life. 

Having a family of my own is one of my greatest joys, it has shown me how to be adaptive in unexpected situations and how to document things in their natural element fast and efficiently (lol). One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is capturing the love and relationships between families.  

No one should feel awkward  

When I say no one feels awkward that includes your family too. I will do everything possible to make sure your family and guests feel welcomed and included in pictures. 

My littles

MAYBE THE MOST Inspiring "people" IN MY LIFE

the daily life

"Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.."

— Les brown


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