Investment I believe strongly in creating an extraordinary experience when you hire me as your wedding photographer. I work closely with my brides to create a package that is perfect and unique for them. LIFESTYLE SESSIONS START AT $600
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What to Expect

I know the thought of being in front of a camera can be overwhelming especially if you have children participating, but let me assure you there is no need to stress. Before I was a photographer I was a Pre-School Director for over 9 years and now have two of my own children, I have a great amount of understanding, patience, and love for people and children! There's very little I haven't seen

Q: Where are you based out of and will you travel?

A: We are based out of Palm Beach, Florida. I have a second office in Marathon Key... Will I travel? Heck Yes! Traveling is one of the highlights of being a photographer I think its so inspiring exploring new places. You're thinking it, Yes in most cases there are traveling fees... but that's just to cover the cost of the travel. If that sounds like it's not fair sorry. However, If you're planning a dope trip and working with a budget let us know and we can work something out. 

Q: Whats with the team? are you a baller? 

A:  Nope I'm no baller but there was a need for it. I'm a full-time Photographer... a lot of my time goes to planning shoots, sessions and editing but most of all I want to be able to spend whatever time I can with my family... with all the current client's weddings and leads I realized I couldn't meet everyone's needs with a full schedule. So about Noelle well without her, I would lose my mind lol she keeps the bookings in check! Giving me more time to give to my clients and family. So "baller"nahhh just a hustler that knew when she needed help. 

Q: Do you have custom Wedding Packages?

A: Yes

Q: What's included in the wedding packages?

A: So the big things, all our packages are flat rate so you get all your gallery images "edited" in an easy to download gallery!  

Q: Do you photograph lifestyle stuff?

A: I'm inspired by most things so for sure yes I love lifestyle, and love neat projects.

Q: Will we get all our pictures?

A: Definitely! Listen I run this thing the way I want to be treated. You get all the pictures sometimes too many, I leave out the ones that are blurry or ones your mid-blinking in and unflattering ones.. Lifestyle sessions normally have 60+ depending on the session and what you booked us for. Weddings average 60+ images an hour.... we don't really have a max amount of what you will get.

Q: how would I receive my gallery?

A: We keep it simple and easy, you will have a link to your gallery. You will also have an app to keep those gems on your phone for easy access.

Q: Do you have reviews?

A: We sure do, we have google and facebook reviews. Go ahead and read those... Hiring your photographer is something you want to research.  

Q: How do we book?

A: go ahead and contact us here. Once we have your info we can start planning. To book your wedding you will need to $1000 deposit.

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