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Meet Christina!

Christina has over eleven years of experience and has photographed over a hundred love stories. She has a deep passion for adventure and nature. Her editorial and journalistic style of photography balanced with her love for the outdoors creates in-depth artistic photographs. 

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Christina Craddock_0174.jpg

And I’d choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I’d find you and
I’d choose you.

Christina Craddock_0173.jpg
Christina Craddock_0175.jpg
Christina Craddock_0176.jpg
Christina Craddock_0177.jpg
Christina Craddock_0178.jpg
Christina Craddock_0179.jpg
Christina Craddock_0180.jpg
Christina Craddock_0181.jpg
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Christina Craddock_0183.jpg
Christina Craddock_0184.jpg
Christina Craddock_0185.jpg
Christina Craddock_0186.jpg
Christina Craddock_0187.jpg
Christina Craddock_0188.jpg
Christina Craddock_0189.jpg
Christina Craddock_0190.jpg
Christina Craddock_0191.jpg
Christina Craddock_0192.jpg
Christina Craddock_0193.jpg
Christina Craddock_0194.jpg
Christina Craddock_0195.jpg
Christina Craddock_0196.jpg
Christina Craddock_0197.jpg
Christina Craddock_0198.jpg
Christina Craddock_0199.jpg
Christina Craddock_0200.jpg
Christina Craddock_0201.jpg
Christina Craddock_0202.jpg
Christina Craddock_0203.jpg
Christina Craddock_0204.jpg
Christina Craddock_0205.jpg
Christina Craddock_0206.jpg
Christina Craddock_0207.jpg
Christina Craddock_0208.jpg
Christina Craddock_0209.jpg
Christina Craddock_0210.jpg
Christina Craddock_0211.jpg
Christina Craddock_0212.jpg

Girls Dresses: Dollcake Oh-So-Girly

Horses: Tours On Horseback

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Christina is known for her adventurous spirit, love for nature, and ability to connect with people. She strives to bring out organic emotion through her work, always balancing the authentic and natural with the artful and meaningful. Her approach allows couples to experience the moments while still receiving profoundly beautiful photographs to remember it all.

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