"It's hard, to sum up,‚Äč Christina Craddock as a photographer because she is great in so many ways. Her work speaks for itself. Her ability to capture beautiful priceless moments is incredible. As a person she is sweet, funny, and down to earth which makes you feel comfortable in what would normally be an awkward situation with all eyes/lenses on you. To top it all off she delivers her galleries in no time at all. Christina is awesome at what she does and is a pleasure to work with" Noel Ethridge

This is me…..

whats up! I'm Christina, an Adventurous and spirited photographer. Born on the Island of Honolulu Hawaii and living in sunshine with my Husband, my two beautiful children and lots of fur babies! Everyone who knows me would agree I'm passionate about anything I love... I'm also weird... and people say I'm funny. Not sure how true that is. Adventure keeps me alive inside, I would totally jump off a cliff if it's into the ocean... Because there is no better place to me than the ocean, I could spend everyday free diving and fishing. As a child, I believed I could grow up and be a mermaid... I'm still trying to make that happen.

So about the "how did you get into this" well I took photography back in high school and loved it but it wasn't till I had my first child that I realized how insanely fast everything was flying by and the only way I would ever remember that time in my hectic life would be to document it. So taking a camera everywhere quickly lead to people asking me to take their picture to... at the time it was great (for a hot second actually) but then it became a full-time deal of being asked, so being the passionate person I am I obsessed over it. Studying and watching every ridiculous youtube video on how to take good pictures. I eventually got "the you know whats" to ask people to pay and over a long few years, I built my business...  Today I am proud of what I have built I know what hustling means and I know how to work it... all games aside I am the most unprofessional professional photographer you will meet! Sounds like I'm losing it but I'm not I'm just 100% sure about how I want to treat people and how I want to run my business. I will get you through your wedding or session as if its just a few people hanging out. You can count on laughs, & maybe a few random dance moves, but let me say this I don't mess around when it comes to being organized or delivering a bomb gallery! 

I think most of what makes me, me is my crazy loving family who always loved on anyone (we called my mom and her friends the wack pack.. you imagine the rest) and my husband and children who keep my heart full! Cheers to Life and to Loving what you have today! 


Booking Administrator Noelle Replinski
When you have that one friend who can read your mind... Well, that's Noelle for me! She's one of the most loyal loving people I know and has been such an asset to my business growing. Noelle is the #BookingBoss she handles all the back end craziness and email flow.
Mommies Mini Charlotte Craddock
She's inspired by snuggly animals and anything pink but don't let her fool you shes the fiercest dreamer when she grows up she "will be a photographer, vet, and the caretaker of all things that need love"

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