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Christina has over eleven years of experience and has photographed over a hundred love stories. She has a deep passion for adventure and nature. Her editorial and journalistic style of photography balanced with her love for the outdoors creates in-depth artistic photographs. 

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What’s in your bag?

So often I hear question’s like what do you shoot with? what is your favorite lens to use? and many others similar to that. So I wanted to have a place that you can reference now and in the future as you invest in wedding photography and lifestyle gear and equipment. (I linked all the gear in blue so you can see exactly what I have.) Cute Camera Bag

Let me start by saying my Photography business has been a journey of investments some good ones and some were literally as if I threw money out the window. So I will be 100% honest with any gear I make mention of in hopes it will help you save money and make smart choices that fit your needs (and wants).

When I started with digital photography I started with a simple Canon Rebel, it came with a kit lens and a sweet way to big camera bag that screamed “Hey everyone I have my camera” It was great for learning to shoot digital and it gave me the option to shoot in full automatic and learn Manual. Overall, it was a camera that did the job and was passed to my Daughter, who is an inspiring Photographer. However, it was not a fast enough camera for my growing need to improve my picture taking.

I moved on to this Beauty the Canon 7D paired with a Canon 35mm

What a match up! The 7D is a crop sensor camera so the 35mm shot more like a 50mm would on a full sensor camera. But it was perfect for the beginning stages of my photography business. It was fast, it had a great range of ISO, which really helped me in those low light settings. But like any growing and inspiring Photographer, I outgrew this camera in less than a year. So I would say it was a waste of money due to an impulsive move to get the best camera I could afford instead of waiting a few months longer to save and get the “right” camera I needed for portraits and lifestyle photography.


Canon Mark iii was my next buy along with a 24-105mm 

SOOO now I had the mac daddy of cameras shooting it with the 35mm and using the zoom (waste of money) The Mark iii is incredibly fast and has an amazing autofocusing system allowing easier captures of fast moments in all lighting conditions.  I used this camera for years and still use it as a backup camera at weddings because it is as amazing as it was the day I bought it!


Canon Mark IV has been my most current purchase 

HOLLLLLLLLYYYY **** Canon made no mistakes here! The Mark IV is the bomb, it’s so so fast, focusing is on point and the touch screen is a games changer!!! Best investment I have ever made!


over the years I have added a few beautiful pieces of glass to my collection

Sigma 15mm

(should have returned it, but didn’t)

Fun for Wedding reception dance pictures or really beautiful landscapes.


Canon 35mm F/1.4

I started with this little gem and will always have a crush on it.


Canon 50mm F/1.2

(can’t live without)

My all time go to for any portraits or lifestyle


Sigma Art 50mm

(waste of money)

loved this lens at first but it very quickly became my least favorite lens because of focusing issues.


Canon 85mm F/1.2

(can’t live without)

Butter! That’s all I can say lol this lens is everything during portraits! the back ground melts away and all the attention is on your subject!


Canon 100mm F/2.8

(only worth the money for 15 min at each wedding)

Details, I bought this one for the wedding jewelry details and occasionally bridal details. It can also be used for newborn details which are so cute!



The Other Stuff

So that’s my gear. I could end this all now but lol I feel like there are some other fun things I have found over the years that every Photographer should know or have.


I used a few but recently bought a leather one from ONA Brixton Bag and it is 100% amazing and fits everything I need! AND Smelllllsss SO YUMMY!!! feel free to ask questions in the comment below.


Travel Case 

I love my Pelican carry on size travel case. It’s hard so the gear stays safe and it’s waterproof (in case I want to swim with it) I also stand on it and sit on it at weddings… random fact lol


Camera Straps

HoldFast Money Maker is the jam for wearing double cameras. Ladies get it without the D rings or it will rip yo’ hair out!

SpiderPro Single Camera Belt doesn’t look as badass as the Money Maker but its the best for lifestyle shoots when you only need one camera. And if you like the belt idea they do make them for two cameras..

Hiptipico Camera Straps are beautiful, I get the most compliments on this strap and the company is a great give back business. Totally worth checking out!



ProFoto A1   the only flash I will ever use

I feel like mentioning any other flash isn’t even worth the time! This one is everything it literally looks like natural light!


Travel Camera

travel camera

Canon M50 I tell everyone about this cutie! It’s tiny and it is mighty! Shoots in RAW, shoots badass video, did I mention its small! It transfers images and “video” to your phone…. the list goes on! I bought it because I wanted to take better than cell phone pictures because I never felt relaxed bringing all my big gear this fixed everything!

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