Meet Christina!

Christina has over eleven years of experience and has photographed over a hundred love stories. She has a deep passion for adventure and nature. Her editorial and journalistic style of photography balanced with her love for the outdoors creates in-depth artistic photographs. 

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The Important Stuff

Have you ever worked with a group of people that you feel sends positive vibes making it a great workday? Well, hopefully you have I know I have. I’m going to give you some of my personal recommendations for vendors I feel play a mega part in a wedding day… why? Well, because I know each of these businesses through working with them firsthand and through my couple’s experiences with them. If I can help in this small way by putting you in contact with a great vendor that will make your and my day great, then what the heck I think it’s worth mentioning. 

Wedding Planner

Courtney Paige Events

Posh Parties

The Golden Pineapples Events 

Your Sparkling Events


Erikson Corbin

Key Moment Films 

Pineapple Films


Kate Blake

Beauty Couture